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Fall Photoshoot Outfit Guide

It’s that time of the year again! When the leaves turn from vibrant greens to golden yellows, fiery reds, and burnt oranges, when the hot apple cider and PSLs make a hot return, the cozy sweaters and the warm soups fill our tummies! There’s no doubt a distinct magic in the air!

Just like you, we eagerly await to pull out the coziest knits, embrace rich, warm hues, and captivate the fall colours! 🍂

Now, picking that picture-perfect outfit, we’ve got a guide for you!

Wear Neutral Colours With Little To No Patterns

Wearing neutral colors with minimal to no patterns is an excellent choice for a fall photoshoot as it creates a clean and timeless look that can help draw attention to you and the beautiful fall scenery. Go with textured knits and coordinated colours.

TRUST me when I say that the autumn colours do the heavy lighting for you. You want to be coordinated with your family and the scenery will take care of the rest. I pick specific locations that I know will look good with browns, creams, forest greens, and soft blues. Cream plaid also works nicely here (red is quite intense for this setting, so I would stick with something more neutral).

Be Comfortable!

Above all wear something that you feel comfortable in, there’s nothing worse than a stunning photo with a bra strap showing 🥲 If you are constantly having to worry about adjusting your bra or shirt or pants, you aren’t fully present, and that’s truly where the magic happens. ✨

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories! Fall is such a great season to bring on all the accessories, that cute hat, bring it, the cute coat that we can’t wear in the winter, bring it, and we can layer your look!

The booties in the fall are always a hit and don’t forget about the light scarf, they can make for such a cozy accessory!

Wear The MOST Important Thing and Be Confident!

Which is, of course, YOUR SMILE. YUP, very corny but be ready for a good time. Yes, we have some shots to get (including the ONE shot where everyone is looking at the camera, moms I got you), but this is about capturing THIS time period with your loved ones. Let loose and enjoy each other’s company, the photos will follow.

Bonus Tip:

Let’s Have fun!

Have fun with your family and we’ll freeze time for you! Sounds fun? We know it does!! Book a fall session HERE!!